Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nail Makeovers!

Are you a nail biter?  Are you missing a toenail or part of it?  Don't walk around in shame, let us help you!!  We can transform your bitten nubs into nice nails and we can reconstruct a missing or damaged toenail!

Here are a couple of nail biters that we have applied full sets on.  Now this "may" keep them from biting their nails since some people stop when they have product on their nail.  They may also chew these suckers off, but while they are on, their nails look 100 times better.  We will see how they do!

Here is an example of a damaged toenail that we were able to reconstruct with acrylic.  We then did a set of fabulous glitter toes!  Wendy was so happy!

So don't walk around ashamed of our hands and feet, let us transform them for you!

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