Sunday, October 2, 2011

We Do Shellac and So Much MORE!!

We've gotten a few calls, asking if we do "Shellac".  Yes, we do Shellac, which is a CND product, but we also do so much more!  We do the Magic Manicure, which we describe as a polish and soak off gel or glitter and soak off gel, that gives your natural nails a little extra oompf, to protect and grow as well as keep your manicure chip free for 2 weeks or longer.  We call our service Magic Manicure, first, because it is MAGIC and most importantly, because we didn't want to limit ourselves to using one product line for this service.  We actually use many.  We will help you determine what product line is BEST for you depending on what you want the end result to look like and we make sure it fits in to your lifestyle!

Here are some examples of the fabulous effects you can get with a Magic Manicure!  Be sure to LIKE our Facebook Page, where we have over 1500 photos of our work!!

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