Monday, September 12, 2011

Where Have Your Glitter Toes/Nails Been This Summer - WINNERS!!!!

This was a very fun promotion that we ran and we thank you all for your wonderful photos!!  The voting ended last night, right before midnight.  We are pleased to announce the winners, YES, we said winners!!!

This contest was originally for Glitter Toes, and we had three photos that garnered a lot of votes, so we are awarding three places!

In third place, with 45 votes is Ashley Densmore!  She wins a $10 gift certificate!

In second place, with 49 votes is Tonya Zimmerman!  She wins a $25 gift certificate!

Our Grand Prize, with a whopping 56 votes, goes to Jen Willyard!  She wins a $50 gift certificate!

Upon request, we added Glitter Nails too for those of you who do not have Glitter Toes.  Well, we had a tie between two photos, so they are both second place!

Kim Swank, 13 votes, wins a $20 gift certificate!

Amanda Dingey, 13 votes, wins a $20 gift certificate!

Denea Smith, 19 votes, wins a $25 gift certificate!

Winners, your gift certificates are at the salon, they expire December 31, 2011.  You can either pick them up, or they will be held in Rhonda's bag, just mention it when you come in for your appointment!

Congrats to everyone who entered!  Look for our next promotion!  You never know when we are going to run one!!


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