Thursday, October 28, 2010

Diary of a Former Nail Biter

Cheryl was a nail biter.  A severe one.  So bad, that he nails, when we would get them to grow, would grow upwards in a ski slope shape.  She originally wanted acrylics, but was not successfull with them due to how her nails were growing up.  For awhile, we switched her to party nails (temporary full nails) that we replaced every two weeks.  Well sometimes she would just get the urge to pick them off.

Finally, one day, I suggested that she try a Magic Manicure with glitter.  She was not keen on the idea since you can't add any length with the Magic Manicure.  I begged her to try it and to let her natual nails grow in, with the promise that when they did grow in long enough, I would do acrylics on her once again.

Well...............Magic Manicure is just what she needed.  She no longer wants acrylics because she gets all she wanted and more with Magic Manicure.  Bonus - since the product is flexible, her natural nails have pretty much grown back to a regular nail shape.  She has one or two nails that are still a little stubborn, but for the most part, ski slopes are GONE!

The opening picture above, is what her nails look like after Magic Manicure number 7.  This would be 14 weeks after start.

This is Magic Manicure mumber 1.

This is Magic Manicure number 2.

This is Magic Manicure number 3.

This is Magic Manicure number 5.  For some reason we did not take a picure of number 4 :o(

This is Magic Manicure number 6.

This is Magic Manicure number 7 again.

That is quite a transformation, huh? We love the Magic Manicure and so does Cheryl!

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