Monday, May 24, 2010

Manicure, Magic Manicure or Acrylics, which is right for you?

With the addition of the Magic Manicure to our Service Menu, we now have three levels of nails to offer our clients, who wish to come on a consistent basis.  It can be confusing, deciding which service is best for you, so we have created a comparison.

Manicure - This is a service that maintains your natural nails.   This service is best for people who have strong, natural nails or those who are not concerned with breaking a nail or growing their nails.

Magic Manicure - This service is a "step-up" from a manicure, since it gives your nails a little, extra-added strength and makes your polish last!  You can still break nails, however, you won't break as many as you would with a Manicure and you will break more than if you have acrylic nails.  This is a great service to help you grow your natural nails and not have to repolish your nails often.

Acrylic Nails - This service creates the strongest nails that we offer.  You are able to add length.  You also may break a nail occasionally, however, you break the least amount of nails with acrylic nails.

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